Now more than ever we need to act on Climate, and fast! Independents CAN bring communities, business, government and industry together to embrace a science-based policy platform that generates national economic opportunities, growing Australia’s economy on the path toward a carbon neutral future. 


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Independents CAN reinstate integrity in our politicians and political processes. We can implement policies to improve the integrity of Australia’s political system, public service and judiciary.


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Independents CAN invest in Australia’s economic future. We can invest in your education, invest in infrastructure for your community and we can invest in the new and emerging industries of the 21st century.


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Independents CAN believe in a ‘fair go’. It means access to healthcare, education and social services. And a ‘fair go’ also means a safety net for the disadvantaged and corporations paying their fair share.


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Independents CAN ensure our safety and security. We can use experts to help us understand and prepare for bush fires, climate change, extreme weather and pandemics as well as political and economic shocks.


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Independents CAN is a party formed to support independents that share common values and are dedicated to fully representing the diverse needs of their constituents.

Independents CAN 5 core policies


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