Susie Handran-Smith

Susie Handran-Smith Party secretary and web/graphic designerSusie is the party Secretary and also our website/graphic designer. She has a background in marine science but followed her fathers footsteps into graphic design, gaining a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2000. Since then, she's been operating her successful boutique freelance graphic and web design business, Susie Dove Graphic Design.

Susie worked tirelessly creating graphic material for Independents for Climate Action Now's 2019 campaign, producing websites, ads, posters, flyers and 'how to vote' cards.

Susie is a well known humanitarian in her area and always finds ways to contribute to her community. She has volunteered for 10 years as an honorary member of the local Senior Citizens as Secretary, after the previous Secretary fell ill. Susie also is a WIRES volunteer, helping rescue injured wildlife. 

She is passionate about the need for a shift towards honesty and integrity within the halls of power.


"I believe our government can and should look after the environment and our communities, whilst also growing the economy and creating a viable future for all."