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Episode 1. "Australia's Political Plight" - Charlie Caruso interviewing Oliver Yates
share their concerns about the way the Australian government currently makes decisions on behalf of its citizens.


Episode 2. John Hewson - Interviewed By Charlie Caruso and Oliver Yates
discussing his views on the decline of integrity and good government in Australia's political system.


Episode 3. Barry Jones - Interview
Barry Jones was a Labor member of the Victorian and Commonwealth parliaments, led the campaign to abolish the death penalty, and became Australia’s longest-serving minister for science from 1983 to 1990.


Episode 4. Lisha Heath - Interview
CEO of the not-for-profit organisation, Women for Election Australia (WFEA), a non-partisan group committed to increasing the number of women in public office at local, state and federal levels. They discuss the challenges and barriers facing independents, facing women, and most importantly touch on the success stories which need to be celebrated.


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