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Episode 1. "Australia's Political Plight" - Charlie Caruso interviewing Oliver Yates
share their concerns about the way the Australian government currently makes decisions on behalf of its citizens.


Episode 2. John Hewson - Interviewed By Charlie Caruso and Oliver Yates
discussing his views on the decline of integrity and good government in Australia's political system.


Episode 3. Barry Jones - Interview
Barry Jones was a Labor member of the Victorian and Commonwealth parliaments, led the campaign to abolish the death penalty, and became Australia’s longest-serving minister for science from 1983 to 1990.


Episode 4. Lisha Heath - Interview
CEO of the not-for-profit organisation, Women for Election Australia (WFEA), a non-partisan group committed to increasing the number of women in public office at local, state and federal levels. They discuss the challenges and barriers facing independents, facing women, and most importantly touch on the success stories which need to be celebrated.


Jim Tait is the founder of the Independents CAN political party with a background in aquatic ecology. Throughout the episode, Jim discusses how Independents CAN is offering the Australian people a vehicle for their voice to be heard in Parliament.


Cathy McGowan is an icon for grassroots, home-grown political engagement. Her win as an Independent in the seat of Indi changed the game, and she helped the electorate of Indi make history by electing Independent Helen Haines to follow her lead in Parliament. Cathy is an officer of the Order of Australia and was in 2019 awarded the Accountability Round Table award for political Integrity.
Cathy recently released her book called "Cathy goes to Canberra - Doing Politics differently” and is the powerhouse behind the First National Convention for Community-Minded Independents which will be held online from Friday evening, 26 February to 1pm Sunday 28 February 2021.…0d409cf7eb#/main


Episode 7. Tony Windsor - Interview
Tony Windsor was the Independent Member for Tamworth from 1991 to 2001, and stood in the NSW Parliament for 10 years. For nearly a third of his political career, Tony Windsor held the balance of power working to demand attention for country people from the major parties.
Serving as an independent member for the Australian House of Representatives seat of New England from 2001 until retiring in 2013 − supporting the incumbent Gillard Labor minority government at the 2010 election.
Tony Windsor talks to Oliver and Charlie for the Independents CAN podcast, discussing his views of the current good governance issues currently plaguing Australia's federal parliament, and his belief that history is made by those who turn up.


Episode 8. Anne Pleash - Interview
Anne was the Chief of Staff for Bob Katter for over 6 years from 2013 during his pivotal role in Julia Gillard's minority government. Prior to her Chief of Staff role, Anne was a communication consultant to AECOM and manager of community services for Carpentaria shire council, and was number two at Cassowary coast shire.
In 2018, Anne swam the English channel , prompting Bob Katter to joke about not knowing if his chief of staff was “dead or alive” during the gruelling swim. Anne has also been recognised and won many impressive prizes including the Humanities Prize and was the overall Winner of the National Award for Excellence, Awarded by the Prime Minister for her role in the ‘Domestic Violence — It’s Not Our Game’ project.


Charlie and Oliver are joined by Professor Mark Evans, Director of the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis at the University of Canberra who has has accepted the post as inaugural Director of “Democracy 2025 – bridging the trust divide” at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House (MoAD)
“Democracy 2025” will see a centre established at the spiritual home of Australian Democracy, Old Parliament House, that will generate research, education and practice to enhance the quality of democratic engagement.


For our 10th episode, Oliver and Charlie interview Malcolm Turnbull, the 29th Prime Minister of Australia.
Malcolm was the MP for Wentworth in the House of Representatives from 2004 until his retirement from politics in 2018.
A long time advocate of an Australian republic, serving as Chair of the Australian Republican Movement from 1993 to 2000, and one of the leaders of the "Yes" campaign in the 1999 republic referendum.
Malcolm tried on numerous occasions to drag the Liberal party into the future with a carbon price and the proposed the National Energy Guarantee. Both attempts resulted in a leadership spill that was so closely lost - leaving many Liberal members dismayed.
Very few individuals have as much knowledge of the system that controls our country, and so little to lose by exposing its significant failings. He has always tried to act by putting the interest of Australia first. For greater insight into the former Prime Minister's story his book is available in the link below.…743795637.html


Tim Buckley is the Director of Energy Finance Studies for South Asia and Australia at the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, Sydney. Tim joins Charlie and Oliver to discuss the extent to which the fossil fuel industry owns the Australian Government.
Tim expertise and 30 years of experience in financial markets, covering Australia, Asian and global equities makes him a valuable resource to discuss Australia's current position in the transition to the green economy.
For more information on the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, visit




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