Paul Wittwer

Paul WittwerPaul ran as a Victorian senate candidate with Independents for Climate Action Now at the 2019 federal election. He was invited to join the executive after the election.

Paul studied economics and human resource development at the University of South Australia. He worked for the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Australia's north west. It was there he promoted employment and economic development in regional towns; some fuelled by the mining boom and others left behind. He understands how economies can be transformed and is committed to contributing to Australia's shift into a zero emissions economy.

More recently, Paul has owned and operated his own business in tourism and worked in natural area management.  Paul understands the science of climate change and the policies needed to avert a crisis. Policies to reduce emissions, promote renewable energy and facilitate adaptation to the unavoidable impacts of climate change. 

"Best of all, these policies will create employment, lower power costs and contribute to a better way of life for ourselves and future generations."