Lois Genis

Lois GenisLois Genis is the party's treasurer and campaign coordinator.

Working for Greenpeace in her early twenties spurred Lois into gaining an even deeper understanding of our planet and man's impact upon it. She went to James Cook University and achieved a Bachelor of science degree, majoring in zoology, botany and entomology. She then went on to achieve a Graduate Diploma in wildlife illustration, specialising in environmental interpretation depicting catchment management issues with Queensland’s Department of Natural Resources being one of her subsequent clients.

Married to party founder, Jim Tait, Lois is their consultancy's financial controller as well as being a highly sought-after yoga teacher. Lois’ yoga clients have included the Australian Institute of Sport and the Duntroon Royal Military College.

"Our environmental consultancy work consistently reinforces the fact that the climate crisis is already with us and will impact on our childrens' future. It's why we founded Independents CAN, so we can work positively on the solutions and unite across the political spectrum in order to achieve results."