Independents for Climate Action Now logoIndependents CAN started its life as Independents for Climate Action Now.  ICAN was founded by Jim Tait, an environmental scientist who was increasingly concerned by the lack of climate action by our federal parliament. Our registration with the AEC was approved only the day before the 2019 Federal election was called.

With a very small budget and only a handful of volunteers Independents for Climate Action Now (ICAN) gained over 85,000 senate votes across 3 states (NSW, Vic & Qld) in the 2019 Federal election. This result gave our team the confidence to give it another try.

Independents CAN logoIt is becoming more and more obvious that the lack of decent climate policy, is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to problems within the Australian political system. The two party system is not serving the Australian public, with corruption and mismanagement rife within both sides of politics. And the way it's set up, no one independent can take on the big boys alone.

The only way to return democracy to Australia is to make politicians accountable to their electorate.

To achieve this we have formed a party that supports Independents that share common values and are prepared to work across the political divide to truly represent the interests of their electorates.

As long as Independent candidates agree to our 5 core values, we will offer them the support and benefits of belonging to a 'party', whilst retaining their Independents status by allowing the freedom to vote to meet the genuine needs of their electorate in all other areas.

Our 5 shared values are: Integrity, Fairness, Climate Action Now, Strong Economy and Preparedness.


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Independents CAN 5 core policies

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