Social Media Ambassadors

Thanks for your interest in joining the Independents CAN campaign team as a social media ambassador. There are three key roles that need filling and we’d like to invite you to start your journey with us as an Amplifier. We’ve outlined each of the roles below and how you can contribute.

The first step is connecting with our relevant social media channels from your personal account. They can be found by searching the ‘Independents CAN’ on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

1. Amplifiers

Amplifiers help spread our message further. Social media works by spreading messages among your own networks. The more a post is liked, retweeted, commented upon and shared the further it goes. But now I feel like I’m telling you how to suck eggs…

Your role is to take our content and use your skills to amplify that message across all social media channels. And if you know your likes and shares and how to leverage the system we’d like you to share that with our team of Amplifiers. We’ve sent you through our latest ‘Tips for Amplifiers’ with this message.

2. Content Creators

We need creative people who can make engaging content for all of our channels. Engaging content is the key to getting our message out, making those messages go viral and growing our supporter base. Any one of our social media ambassadors can create content so we invite you to let your creative juices flow. Content must be approved then authorized before sharing with our Channel admins. Further details on our “Tips for Content Creators".

3. Channel Admins

Channel Admins are responsible for posting content on their assigned social media channel (eg. Facebook Mornington Peninsula). We are looking for proven Amplifiers or Content creators to take on this role. You can nominate yourself as a Channel Admin and suggest new social media channels (eg. different apps, different states, localities or to target specific interest groups) by emailing our coordinator at [email protected]

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