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  • Not in this case. You see all Independents CAN candidates subscribe to our core values, and yet are free to conscience vote - or vote to meet their constituents needs in all other areas. Members gain the benefits and support of an alliance without other restrictions. We feel this is a way to return democracy and 'true representation' back to Australian politics.
    Members gain the benefits and support of a Party without typical partisan restrictions. Support and numbers when needed...

    But the freedom to vote independently to the party, if it better serves their constituents - their local community.

    In fact, under our Alliance Independents Can will support candidates that share our common values, yet are not members of the party. Candidates can remain completely independent and still join the Alliance.

  • An expanded cross bench in Australian politics will be an incredible influence for good - when we expand the cross bench all sides of government need to grow to develop better legislation and allow real debate. Independents encourage deep consideration of policies and legislation. Independents are NEVER in opposition – they can work all sides of  government or others to best shape legislative change that reflects the concerns of the electorates they represent.

  • Independent members do not need to follow any party lines, they can vote freely, to represent you, as long as they stay committed to our 5 core values.

  • Independents CAN candidates are committed to deep community engagement, listening, one size doesn’t fit all. Each member is responsible to their electorate, only bound by the five commitments.

  • We felt the need to support democracy in this country by providing a vehicle for independent candidates who are intent on creating change through our political system. Our new name reflects the “umbrella” created to form an Alliance of Independents, that share our core values and will continue to represent their constituents. 

    Rather than having only one core value in our name, “Independents CAN” encompasses our broader policy platform. The acronym CAN comes from Climate Action Now. Climate Action has always been and remains one of our core values, and we believe all our values are inextricably linked to real Action on Climate. 

    • Independents can’t get deductable donation status till four days before voting starts.
    • Independents can’t be accepted as a candidate by the AEC unless you have 100 signed forms from registered votes and the forms to become available one week before voting starts.
    • Independents can't get access to electoral rolls until four days before voting starts, preventing any ability to mail out to or manage postal votes.
    • Independents inability to secure permits to campaign on streets or outside shopping centres from the council until four days before voting starts.
    • You are fighting against a machine that has coordinated messaging, bulk buying of campaign material… Independents have to do everything from scratch and at every turn if you make a mistake with an authorisation or a coma on a how to vote card it could be deemed invalid and your chances destroyed.
    • At the end of campaigns all the assets of the Independent campaign just get lost… the websites, the nation builders, the relationships. They don’t belong to a Party they belong to the individual and legally you need to start again … the investment independents are making is being lost year after year.
    • You also can’t fight fairly as an individual. Unless the attack or document you are putting out is political and authorised by a political party you have much higher risk of getting involved in defamation action. eg. The Liberal party could set up website calling an independent a corrupt and a liar and there is nothing the independent can do about it. Parties have specific protections at law to effectively lie in politics and to be protect from liable. Rights that don’t apply as clearly if you are not a political party ie. an Independent.
    • There are many other structural issues like insurance that also require you to have complex corporate arrangement in place if you are an independent.