Did you know the governments is trying to kill off Micro Parties like Independents CAN.

Now more than ever NEW members are needed to boost our numbers and meet the NEW AEC requirement of 1500 members by 2nd December 2021.

By becoming a member you are showing your support for the Independents and Climate movements in Australia.

Electing Independents into the Australian Parliament will begin to address the corruption and lack of representation inherent in the current 2 party political system, and might be the only way we can see some REAL action on Climate in this country.

We welcome new members who are already a member of another political party.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Please note: details provided are required by the AEC to validate membership. Your information will NEVER be shared with anyone except with the AEC. We know how sensitive private details are and value your trust.

If the ‘don’t publish on the website’ is left unchecked, we will only publish your name as becoming a new member.


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* REQUIRED - For your membership to be valid, your details MUST appear EXACTLY as they would on the electoral role. Thank you!