A new political model, an alliance of Independents


Members gain the benefits of belonging to an party with none of the limitations. Support and numbers when needed...

...but the freedom to vote independently of the party, if it better serves their constituents -ie. their local community.

We believe politicians should represent the will of the electorate they represent. 


How will it work?

Independents CAN agree
to 5 shared values and support
the right of each other to
represent the interest of their
electorate in all other matters.

5 shared values

1) Integrity
2) Fairness
3) Strong Economy
4) Climate Action Now
5) Preparedness


Our approach ensures that people voting for Independents CAN understand the values of the candidate. The candidates have the freedom to independently represent the views of their electorate. Independents CAN support candidates with the benefits of being in a alliance, without the restrictions of having to tow the party line. 

Independents CAN ensure Australians will be represented with integrity and fairness by the member they elect.

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